C.J. Watson, former NBA star, has released a children’s book this year titled C.J.’s Big Dream, which he hopes will inspire kids everywhere to work hard for what they want. Watson has played professionally for over 12 years and his career has allowed him to play for some of the best teams in NBA history such as the Golden State Warriors, Brooklyn Nets, and the Chicago Bulls.

C.J.’s Big Dream is a story about a young basketball player that Watson has written to promote his message: “Always believe in yourself and to follow your dreams.” The story follows a young boy from a low-income neighborhood with a big game that day. By believing in himself, he works his hardest to succeed at his game. He plans on making this book into a series that will impact children from any background.

Always believe in yourself and to follow your dreams

C.J. Watson's basketball career has allowed him to play for some of the best teams in NBA history. While his professional basketball experience is impressive, his skills go far beyond the basketball court. 

Philanthropy has been at the center of Watson's career since the start of his scholarship fund. The fund honors his late grandmother, Mary L. Watson, and helps support students studying education. In his hometown of Las Vegas, Watson also started the Quiet Storm Foundation in order to foster learning opportunities that include social skills development and health and fitness activities to help the youth grow and achieve their goals in his community.

In addition to his non-profits, Watson has developed a children's book series named CJ's Big Dream. With this series, he hopes to inspire young kids to chase their dreams and work hard for what they want. 
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