CJ's Big Dream

With his dreams set on the NBA, CJ must now prepare for his biggest basketball game thus far! From pep talks to lucky socks, when the final buzzer sounds, CJ will find out if he can win the big game and get closer to his dreams once and for all.

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CJ's Big Project

CJ’s back for the win but there’s one thing standing in his way, his class project. In order to play in the next Big Game, CJ must find a way to get a passing grade on his science project but can he do it? Will he be able to get a good grade to play in the next big game? Find out in CJ’s next adventure.


CJ's Big Moment


CJ is captain of his basketball team and everyone looks up to him, well everyone except the school bully. When one of CJ’s teammates keeps getting picked on, it’s up to CJ to come up with a solution and be the leader. Will CJ help his friend and stand up to the bully once and for all? Find out in CJ’s Big Moment.

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