C.J. Watson


Why tell this story?

I had humble beginnings and had to work hard to get to my dreams. I want kids to know that even if things are hard they can still make their dreams come true.

CJ's Big Dream Book Series

CJ’s Big Dream's series is a story about a young basketball player that Watson has written to promote his message: “Always believe in yourself and to follow your dreams.” The stories follow a young boy from a low-income neighborhood through various life events: big games, school projects, and school bullies. By believing in himself, he works his hardest to succeed. More books are in the works to introduce new hurdles and new solutions.



"I proudly recognize C.J. Watson for his phenomenal basketball career and commitment to youth in Las Vegas. C.J. Watson and his Quiet Storm Foundation has been consistent in providing free opportunities to mentor our youth while providing a summer camp for 17 consecutive years. His involvement has made a lasting impression with the city of Las Vegas and residents."

Councilman Cedric Crear


What C.J. is doing for the kids in his hometown and America is inspirational to me. Foundation work, education, and now a published author. C.J. is someone who leads with passion and purpose. I'm excited to read this book to my kids.

Baron Davis, NBA Legend


C.J. Watson is the son many parents like me pray for. Very well-mannered, community-oriented, and a God-fearing spirit. He has blessed so many on his young journey, and I believe the best is yet to come.

Councilman Larry Weekly


I have known C.J. Watson for over 17 years. He has transformed from a career NBA player to an accomplished author, entrepreneur, and father. His children's book series is a must-read for it provides a message about how C.J. used the challenges of his journey to create a path of success. This book series will be one of the top-selling children's books of all time.

William Dunn, Author & Motivational Speaker