Former NBA Player and Author C.J. Watson Set to Release His 3rd Book “C.J.’s Big Moment”

By Team ENSPIRE – August 6, 2020

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( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) C.J. Watson Returns with Newest Entry in Children’s Series

ENSPIRE Contributor: Lucas Raskin

Retired NBA star and philanthropist C.J. Watson has returned to writing children’s books. His latest title, C.J.’s Big Moment is set to release soon with pre-orders already available on Amazon. This will be the 3rd book in his C.J.’s Big Moment series, following C.J.’s Big Dream, an Amazon bestseller, and C.J.’s Big Project, which was released March 10th, 2020 on Amazon & Kindle. Both books also have an audiobook available on Amazon. In this recent installment, C.J. is the captain of the school basketball team and must use his leadership skills to stop a school bully.

Watson’s series follows C.J., a young and talented basketball player. This young C.J. is both admired as a manifestation of Watson, yet still relatable for his young readership. C.J.’s Big Dream follows C.J.’s preparation for a big basketball game, and C.J.’s Big Project is about a school project that C.J. must complete to keep playing basketball. The message is consistent: with hard work, the youth can bring their dreams to fruition.

Hard work has been at the core of Watson’s success. Despite a strong college ball game at Tennessee, the Las Vegas native went undrafted in 2006. He hustled his way through European teams and then the D-League, before signing with the Warriors in 2008. Watson also played with the Warriors, the Bulls, the Nets, the Pacers, and the Magic, before signing to the Turkish Super League.

Watson’s leaps and bounds have not been restricted to the basketball court. He has started both a scholarship fund and a nonprofit organization. The Quiet Storm Foundation, based in Las Vegas, is focused on youth outreach, working with children on social skills development as well as health and fitness activities to help the youth grow and achieve their goals in their community.

Through trial and tribulation, C.J. Watson has put in work on the basketball court, following his dreams and using his work as funding and experience for philanthropy and positive youth social development. Watson’s children’s books series, intended for young kids of all backgrounds, is another example showing that there are no limits to who can apply professional expertise to do the most in helping the community.