VFL turned author helps kids through real life experiences

Former UT basketball standout C.J. Watson shares wisdom through books. Read more here (https://www.wvlt.tv/app/2020/08/10/vfl-turned-author-helps-kids-through-real-life-experiences/)
By Rick Russo

Published: Aug. 10, 2020 at 11:51 AM PDT

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – VFL and NBA standout C.J. Watson was a driving force on the hardwood; now, what’s driving the former Vol guard is his desire to share his life’s experiences with kids.

“I just wanted to do something to tell my story, to tell how I grew up and some of the things I went through and also give kids inspiration and knowledge through books,” Watson said.

Watson is preparing to release the third book from his children’s book series called, C.J.‘s Big Moment, which deals with the subject of bullying.

In the book, C.J. is the captain and everyone looks up to him except the school bully.

“I try to write things that kids can relate to. They can just read these books and take away some knowledge and positive effects,” Watson said. “Other guys like myself have gone through these things and how to handle bullies in a positive way.”

A quiet competitor early in his career at UT, Watson grew into a team leader. It’s a trait that enabled him to thrive at the NBA level and now as he fulfills his dream to be an author.

“I think sports teaches us so much about leadership, about teamwork, how to handle times of adversity and these books are just a testament to that, scenarios of how to handle things and help each other in good and bad,” Watson said.

As in basketball, with writing, Watson said you have to have a strong mind, be patient and to stick to your convictions as he wrote about in his first book, C.J.‘s Big Dreams. Here’s an excerpt from that book:

After brushing his teeth, C.J. gets dressed for school preparing for his day, he takes one last look in the mirror before grabbing his lucky socks off the floor. These will help win today’s big game for sure. These socks are worn and dingy with discoloration from being worn so many times, that does not matter to C.J., however, because each time he’s worn these socks, he wins the big game.C.J. Watson

About that passage, Watson added, “Even at Tennessee, I used to wear the same socks because I was superstitious so these socks we talk about in the book are like kind of magical. Anytime I had a good game I would keep the same socks and wear two pairs, the lucky ones underneath and the clean ones on top.”

Watson said he is more than happy to share with all children, especially his young daughter’s, a feeling which transcends anything he ever felt with basketball.

”This is a more special type of feeling, makes you want to cry. Basketball you get a joy from playing, you get a rush, especially now because I’m not playing so I feel it more,” Watson said.

Watson’s latest book is set to hit the market within this next week. You can find the books on Amazon, and they’re called C.J.’s Big Dream, C.J.‘s Big Project and C.J.‘s Big Moment.

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